Welcome to SIRRA
Shiba Inu Rescue Resources of America

a 501(c)(3) organization

The function of the organization is to facilitate Shiba Rescue by:

  • Coordinate fundraising and fund distribution to aid in Shiba rescue and adoption.
  • Providing a central resource for sample forms, (adoption, surrender, breeder notification, frequently asked question sheets, etc.) and suggested options when unfamiliar situations arise for rescuers.
  • Providing a central point of contact for shelters, rescue organizations and individual rescuers in finding homes for Shibas. Whenever possible, SIRRA will refer inquiries to active rescuers close to the Shiba in need.
  • Providing materials to educate the general public about Shibas and Shiba Rescue.

If funds are needed for expenses over and above normal Vet care that would be covered through adoption fees, the person fostering the Shiba may contact any of the SIRRA Board members for an application (it will also be posted on our web site).

The person seeking funds will complete the Funding Application Form and fax or mail it to the SIRRA Secretary, along with a picture of the Shiba Inu for which funds are requested. Copies of Vet bills, or a quote for a procedure that is still to be performed, will need to be provided. Normally this will be faxed to SIRRA by the vet clinic that provided the care. The approval process will be delayed until the information requested is provided.

Once all information is provided the board will review the application, ask for further information if needed and make a decision. A check can normally be mailed in a week or less once the decision is made. This is not a quick process; normally the rescuer will be reimbursed rather than expenses paid up front.

The maximum assistance that SIRRA can provide is $750 per Shiba Inu and $500 for a Shiba mix. Funds are not available for an owner’s personal dog as we are a rescue organization. SIRRA is primarily funded by donations and has limited resources. SIRRA may not always have funds to distribute. Limits may be set on how much one person or organization can request in a set time period.

Norma Hornung, Secretary
230 Falls Village Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15239-2552
Phone: 724-733-2888 FAX: 724-733-8944

Funding Request Form

For Shelters and Rescue groups, see photos of Shibas of all ages, sizes and colors


Thank you to the Pedigree Foundation for all their support.


Animal Organizations Who Help With Financial Assistance

1.) Animal Health Foundation - www.animalhealthfoundation.net

2.) IMOM Inc. - www.imom.org/fa/

3.) The Pet Fund - www.thepetfund,com

4.) Animal Friends Rescue - www.animalfriendsrescue.org

5.) Good Sam Club - www.medvetfoundation.org

6.) United Animal Nations Lifeline Fund - www.uan.org ********* see below

7.) Angels for Animals - www.angels4animals.org

8.) Brown Dog Foundation - www.browndogfoundation.org

9.) The Perseus Foundation - www.perseusfoundation.org (cancer in pets)

10.) Canine Cancer Awareness - www.caninecancerawareness.org

11.) Cody's Club - www.dogdoggiedog.com (radiation treatments)

12.) Diabetic Pets Club - www.petdiabetes.net

13.) The Mosby Foundation - www.themosbyfoundation.org

14.) Binky Foundation - www.binkyfoundation.org

15.) Big Hearts Fund - www.bigheartsfund.org

16.) Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program - www.fveap.org

17.) Cats in Crisis - www.catsincrisis.org

18.) Day by Day Pet Support Group - daybydaypetsupport@comcast.net
P.O. Box 633, Drexel Hill, PA 19026

Day by Day Pet Support Group is a pet support group for people with terminally
or critically ill pets. They do offer grants to pet parents who are in financial need.
Grants are based solely on need of pet parent.

19.) Care Credit offers special financing and low monthly payment options

**** United Animal Nations Lifeline Fund has an extensive list of additional organizations
that give assistance for specific breeds, specific diseases and by state on their website.